2-Day Wellness Training


Join a community of passionate educators enhancing mindfulness, wellness, and social-emotional learning in their lives, classrooms, and communities! Participants will experience and be certified in our powerful SEL*F Curriculum for self-care and SEL, and will be equipped with skills and strategies to reduce stress, build community, and enhance well-being.

Dates, Times & Location

Dates: Friday, October 11th - Saturday, October 12th, 2019

Times: 8:00 am - 3:00pm

Location: Tantasqua High School, 319 Brookfield Rd, Fiskdale, MA 01518

"B4C helped me to let go of all the stress that comes with being a teacher and reconnect with why I chose to go into teaching in the first place."

— Michele, Early Childhood Educator

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Curricular Overview

Day 1 - Morning

Transformation of Self: Enhancing Our Own Well-being

  • Breathe For Beginnings: Setting Intentions for Well-being
  • Breathe For Creativity: Overcoming Obstacles in Our Way
  • Breathe For Gratitude: Appreciating Who and Where We Are

Day 1 - Afternoon

Transformation of Relationships: Enhancing Well-being In our Relationships

  • Breathe For Presence: Being Mindful through Each Interaction
  • Breathe For Compassion: Practicing Loving Kindness
  • Breathe For Communication: Connecting Authentically and Honestly

Day 2 - Morning

Transformation of Community: Enhancing Collective Well-being

  • Breathe For Inclusion: Creating Space for All Voices
  • Breathe For Collaborating: Working Together Under a Common Cause
  • Breathe For Social Justice: Using Wellness as a Vehicle for Social Change

Day 2 - Afternoon

Integration & Renewal: Stepping into Leadership

  • Breathe For Harmony: Aligning Our Inner and Outer Worlds
  • Breathe For Playfulness: Celebrating our Successes
  • Breathe For Inspiration: Fulfilling Our Mission


Upon completion, 2-day training graduates will receive the Breathe For Change 2-day SEL*F Certification in Self-Care and Social-Emotional Learning.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

  • Experience B4C’s transformational progression to enhance well-being in their lives, relationships, and communities.
  • Learn B4C’s Social-Emotional Learning and *Facilitation (SEL*F) curricular framework and receive SEL*F strategies to empower and support students of all ages
  • Set intentions for their physical, mental-emotional, and social well-being, and gain tools to recognize and overcome obstacles in their way.
  • Experience the power of giving and receiving gratitude and compassion, and learn to use appreciation and loving kindness to foster well-being.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation to teach and live with a deeper sense of presence.
  • Learn communication strategies to cultivate authentic, loving, and meaningful relationships.
  • Clarify your wellness mission and create a plan to translate this mission into action.
  • Join a network of like-minded educators and social leaders inspired to lead with love.


Tuition is $395. This includes the full 2 days of training, curriculum manual and certification.

For Schools and Districts

Breathe For Change partners with forward-thinking schools and districts to offer our 2-day workshops on-site and/or at a discount. Interested school and district leaders and administrators may contact us at support@breatheforchange.com, or learn more on our Schools Page.

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