Support and Special Tips

If you need help or have feedback reach out to Paul, our developer -

How can I access content? Open a direct message with BreatheBot and type 'help' to see what BreatheBot can do for you.

How do I send BreatheBot a message? If you haven't messaged BreatheBot before, open 'Direct Messages' on the left in your Slack. Select @Breathe and say hello!

How do I ask a question about the training? Send a Direct Message to @Breathe or email for very specific questions

Privacy Policy

After installing Breathe, we store your team information including tokens, permission scopes, bot credentials, incoming webhook credentials, team name and team ID and use this info solely to interact with your team.

BreatheBot will post wellness tips to the channel you authorize during the signup process and only has access to those channels you or your team invites @breathe to join using /invite command.

We will not give your information to third-parties or use it to spam you. The only information we store and use is for interacting with your Slack team.