Ted Gurman

sultan of smiles | workplace wellness trainings lead


I Breathe For Change because I know we all have an endless stream of love flowing inside of us and it's time for each and every one of us to let it out!

My favorite mindfulness practice is meditating in nature.


Ted is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, a passionate parent, a joyous jokester, a sincere smiler, and a hugger, not a shaker. In 2013, Ted founded Bluetree Network, a healthcare IT consultancy. In fewer than four years, as President & Minister of Happiness, he grew Bluetree to an industry leader with over 200 employees. Ted’s energetic leadership and focus on employee happiness contributed to BlueTree’s growth and recognition as a "Best Place to Work in Madison" in both 2015 and 2016. A former soccer and swimming coach and teacher, Ted has strong ties to the community, and recently spent a year leading Madison November Project, a free, fun, grassroots fitness movement. With Breathe For Change, Ted's mission is to help awaken people to their infinite awesomeness and full potential through self-understanding, authenticity, and optimism. Ted believes that the next stage in our evolution starts with the present moment; connected to the present, we are no longer victims caught in the current of our thoughts. Instead, we become the captain of the ship, fully empowered creators of our world. All aboard!