Talia Gutin

cultivator of clarity | philosophy trainer


I Breathe For Change because it is through our breath that we are able to access every moment of our lives and get to the heart of what it means to be a fulfilled, thriving, and authentic human being.

My favorite yoga practice is yin.


Talia is a life long learner and truth seeker. Having attended daily Yoga classes for nearly five years, she craved a deeper intimacy with the practice so she attended a 200-hour YTT at the Kripalu School of Yoga in August of 2013. After a month of studying at Kripalu, she came to understand that yoga is not simply a physical practice; it is a way of being. She realized Yoga is a practice that teaches us how to engage with life in a skillful and meaningful way, the twenty-three hours a day when we are off the mat.

After she completed her YTT, Talia took off to travel Southeast Asia for a year; her opportunity to explore and embody everything she studied about Yoga. She felt motivated by an insatiable curiosity to adventure into the unknown and learn about the world and herself more deeply. During her travels, Talia truly got to know herself, and became clear on how she would move forward in life with intention and trust.

Talia now lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she teaches Yin Yoga and works as a Life Coach for people in their twenties. She encourages her clients to get curious about themselves, develop their passions, and uncover their most authentic selves. Talia is also a writer, plant-eater, and mountain lover.