Our Offerings

Breathe For Change offers transformational professional development for schools, districts, and organizations. Our offerings empower participants to prioritize self-care and use wellness and social-emotional learning as a vehicle for social change. Our customizable programs range from half-day to three-day PD sessions, and can include ongoing coaching and consultation. 

Schools and Districts

Educator Well-being and Self-Care

Description: Participants in Breathe For Change's professional development expand their capacity to cultivate well-being and positively impact how they show up for themselves, their students, and their communities. Educators leave equipped and inspired to reduce stress, prioritize wellness practices, cultivate resilience, and enhance well-being in their personal and professional lives.

Educators will:

  • Enhance overall well-being and reduce stress and burnout
  • Reignite passion for teaching and leading 
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence and resilience through embodying social-emotional competencies
  • Gain tools to enhance presence and mindfulness in and out of the classroom
  • Learn to set intentions for individual and collective well-being and overcome obstacles in the way
  • Practice effective communication strategies to enhance teaching and learning
  • Tap into the power of creativity, gratitude, compassion, and empathy in personal and professional contexts

Social-Emotional Learning and Community Well-Being (SEL*F)


Participants in Breathe For Change's SEL*F professional development learn to embody and teach social-emotional competencies. Educators leave equipped and inspired to use mindfulness and social-emotional learning as vehicles for social change in their lives, classrooms, and school communities. 

Educators will:

  • Learn our research-based approach to social-emotional learning and facilitation (SEL*F)
  • Unpack, embody, and integrate CASEL social-emotional competencies
  • Gain tools to confidently practice and teach mindfulness to students and colleagues
  • Deepen expertise in facilitating social-emotional learning (SEL*F) with an equity lens
  • Learn inclusive pedagogical practices to build community, increase collaboration, and foster human connection 
  • Develop a tailored school or district B4C Implementation Plan to enhance culture and climate

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Build a Healthy School Community

"Unanimously the best professional development we have experienced. We have grown in our own hearts, and in our professional relationships as we work to improve student and staff well being and SEL."

— Mike Lucas, High School Principal, MA

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