Sam Levine

guru of growth | marketing director, trainer


I Breathe For Change because I believe that only when our breath, heart and mind are in unison can we truly find fulfillment in life. 

My favorite yoga pose is seated supine twist, which feels absolutely incredible for my tight spine and hips. ;)

Sam is a light-hearted and serious fellow human, an introspective extrovert, a yogi and reiki practitioner, an avid traveler and writer, basketball fanatic and generally - passionate dude (!), who believes that knowledge and love are the two keys to building stronger, vibrant and more peaceful communities across our globe.

Sam is the Guru of Growth for Breathe For Change, and leads partnerships, growth initiatives, and a million other things that keep this incredible movement rollin'!  Previously, Sam was a middle school science educator in Washington, DC and also taught ESL abroad in the Middle East. He's also worked at a few technology companies, including Amplify and Coursera and before that studied political science and international relations at Cornell University.