Breathe For Change Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  1. Promotional Efforts

    1. Photos & Video Release. B4C will be sure to get express consent for all people in photos or videos that you share before we publish them in any fashion. This applies to adults and students. If you think you have a group of teachers and students that would like to be featured, please let us know!

    2. Promoting our Trainings. DOE has a clause that teachers can’t use their position or title to promote vendors. Whenever we publish your testimonials or video, we will not be using your specific title or district, and we will also stay away from last names. Our standard procedure will be to use first name, general role, and city, (e.g. “Jane, Teacher, Brooklyn, NY).

    3. Permission for Specific Footage. As mentioned at the training, we will be asking permission from all teachers before publishing footage of you talking directly to the camera (voice and face).

  2. Wellness Champion Work

    1. Wellness Classes for Adults.  Some of you have asked for a non-physical option for our weekly sequences, consisting of mindfulness/meditation and community building. We heard you, and starting in the next month or two, we will be offering this type of class as well! Please consult with your school leadership about the best type of classes for your school community; non-physical classes may be preferable in some schools. We also advise that you have a personal yoga instructor insurance policy in place prior to teaching yoga in or outside of school. We recommend YogiChuck or Philadelphia Insurance. You can also check with your insurance carrier to see if they offer Yoga Teaching insurance.

    2. Physical Strategies with Students. Please consult with your school leadership before teaching physical yoga practices to students. According to teachers’ contracts with the DOE, only teachers who have a license to teach a type of physical class (PE, coaching, etc.) can teach yoga or other physical activities to students. Elementary school teachers with a “common branch” license are exempt from this clause for the 2016-2017 school year, but will not be for 2017-2018.

  3. Sharing Content / Answering Research Questions

    1. Sharing Photos/Videos on Slack & with B4C. We are ensuring that our Slack and other channels for sharing photos stay a safe place for our team and grads to discuss our strategies and share inspiration! Please respect the fact that nobody has rights to share these photos publicly without prior consent from everyone in the photo/video!

    2. Ideas, Lesson Plans, and other Teaching Artifacts. The DOE owns its teachers’ teaching artifacts (lesson plans, presentations, etc.). We encourage you to share notes and ideas for your teaching with us and with one another, but not to submit any formal artifacts such as final lesson plans or student work. For other surveys and research, please stick to answering reflection questions and survey prompts, but do not upload other teaching artifacts.