Paul Gerhartz

prince of process | TREASURER, LEAD DEVELOPER


I Breathe For Change because I believe if you give people the tools to take care of themselves and their relationships, it creates positive ripple effects in ways we can't imagine.

My favorite yoga pose is child's pose - no doubt!


Paul has been dabbling in mindfulness and meditation since college, but Breathe for Change provided the structure and community support to make it more meaningful in his day-to-day life. Never one to openly discuss feelings and emotions, he has been pleasantly surprised how a few simple communication techniques can have such an powerful effect on his relationships. Now having seen the other side, he is committed to spreading these practices far and wide and supporting others to connect and build community.

After studying accounting for four years at UW-Madison Paul took a hard right turn into into Computer Science his senior year and joined our team full-time after finishing his computer science courses last fall. Ironically, he now manages our finances but also develops various web technologies to support our growth including a custom CRM and Slack App.