Bay Area Spring 2019

Join an inspiring community of educators and gain deep knowledge in yoga, mindfulness and social emotional learning practices. Our training will take place January - April, 2019 in the Bay Area. Graduates will be certified 200-hour yoga teachers and eligible to register as RYT-200 through the Yoga Alliance.

It is our mission to make our trainings accessible to all teachers, and we offer need-based scholarships. Don't let cost stop you from applying - we will work with you to make our training affordable!

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You may request a $500 need-based scholarship, or help us provide scholarship to other teachers in need!

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Dates & Location

All Dates In 2019
Orientation Day: January 18 (5:30-8:30)
Weekend 1: January 19 - 20
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 2: February 2 - 3
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 3: February 16 - 17
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 4: March 2 - 3
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 5: March 16 - 17
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 6: March 30 - 31
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 7: April 13 - 14
1 Weekend Break
Weekend 8: April 27 - 28

Syllabus & Daily Schedule

DAY 1: Transformation of Self

Day 2: Breathe For Beginnings – building the foundation for wholeness

Day 3: Breathe For Creativity – living your fully expressed self

Day 4: Breathe For Gratitude – appreciating the gift of life

DAY 5: Transformation of Relationships

Day 6: Breathe For Presence – exploring the best gift of all

Day 7: Breathe For Compassion – vulnerably opening our hearts

Day 8: Breathe For Communication – fostering deeper relationships

DAY 9: Transformation of Community

Day 10: Breathe For Inclusion – cultivating well-being for all

Day 11: Breathe For Collaboration – working together for greater impact

Day 12: Breathe For Social Justice – using wellness as a vehicle for social change

DAY 13: Integration and Renewal

Day 14: Breathe For Harmony – experiencing universal connection

Day 15: Breathe For Playfulness – living with lightness and joy 

Day 16: Breathe For Inspiration – igniting the fire within

Daily Schedule

  • Morning Yoga Practice
  • Break
  • B4C’s Transformational Workshop
  • Meditation
  • Philosophy
  • Lunch
  • Anatomy
  • Asana (w/ practice teaching)
  • Social Emotional Learning (Strategies)
  • Mentorship Groups
  • Community Closing

Certification & Credits

Graduates of Breathe For Change’s 200-hour Wellness and Yoga Teacher Training for Educators receive:

  • By completing our training, trainees become Certified Yoga Teachers (CYT-200) and are eligible to register their certification with the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).
  • The B4C Wellness Champion Certification, which provides ongoing access to our digital platform, plus eligibility to lead school-wide wellness programs as Community ChangeMakers.

Educators may also opt to receive:

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) via the University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Program
  • Up to 3 Graduate Degree Credits via Edgewood College

Pricing & Scholarship

200-Hour Breathe For Change Training Tuition - $2,650

Need-Based Scholarships Available! 

Breathe For Change strives to make our trainings accessible and affordable to educators.

A typical Certified Yoga Teacher Training costs up to $4,000, and we offer our trainings at $2,650. On top of this, we provide up to $500 in need-based scholarship and offer flexible payment plans that have allowed more than 1,000 educators to make this incredible investment in their well-being and career growth.

You'll see three pricing options: Request Support ($2,150), Support Myself ($2,650), and Offer Support ($3,150). Please select the option that best reflects your financial situation. 

Last but not least, trainees can opt to earn continuing education units (CEUs) and graduate school credits that often lead to salary increases (depending on your district’s policies). Many of our grads also go on to earn additional income with their new yoga teaching skills. 

We encourage you to not let price be a barrier to applying... Our team will work with you to explore funding options!

Funding & Support

Even with scholarship, we know that our training requires a significant investment. Hundreds of our educators have received other forms of financial support for training tuition, including:

  • School or district administrations committed to supporting teacher well-being and student social-emotional learning
  • Other grant-making organizations focused on education, wellness, and/or social-emotional learning
  • Crowdfunding efforts via sites such as Donors Choose and GoFundMe
  • Family members and loved ones who understand the tremendous benefits of reduced stress and enhanced well-being for educators

Once you apply, our ambassador team will work with you to explore the best option for you to make this life-changing training possible!

Post Graduation

Beyond The Training: Support for Graduates

Our Theory of Change is to empower educators as champions of well-being in their classrooms and school communities - and Breathe For Change is committed to providing continued support for our graduates post-training. All of our graduates receive:

  • Regular invitations to community events
  • Ongoing access to our digital platform
  • Continued access to our local and global Facebook groups
  • Periodic updates with resources and opportunities for further engagement

Graduates are also eligible to join our Community ChangeMaker program providing leadership development, yoga sequences and playlists, and resources to lead school-wide wellness programs.

"Looking for inspiration, feeling education burnout,

Breathe For Change will transform YOU inside and out! YOU will be the change! YOU will breathe change into the educational system!”

—Lorna • Student Services Coordinator, Bay Area

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