200 Hour

Join an inspiring community of educators and gain deep knowledge in yoga, mindfulness and social-emotional learning! Our 18-day life-changing training empowers educators as champions of well-being in their lives, classrooms, and communities. Through our trainings, educators become experts of social emotional learning and facilitation, and gain the skillset and confidence to use wellness as a vehicle for social change.

Graduates will be certified as B4C Wellness Champions, as well as Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teachers (CYT-200)! It is our mission to make our trainings accessible to all educators, and we offer scholarships and flexible payment plans to support you!


DAY 1: Transformation of Self

Day 2: Breathe For Beginnings – building the foundation for wholeness

Day 3: Breathe For Creativity – living your fully expressed self

Day 4: Breathe For Gratitude – appreciating the gift of life

DAY 5: Transformation of Relationships

Day 6: Breathe For Presence – exploring the best gift of all

Day 7: Breathe For Compassion – vulnerably opening our hearts

Day 8: Breathe For Communication – fostering deeper relationships

DAY 9: Transformation of Community

Day 10: Breathe For Inclusion – cultivating well-being for all

Day 11: Breathe For Collaboration – working together for greater impact

Day 12: Breathe For Social Justice – using wellness as a vehicle for social change

DAY 13: Integration and Renewal

Day 14: Breathe For Harmony – experiencing universal connection

Day 15: Breathe For Playfulness – living with lightness and joy 

Day 16: Breathe For Inspiration – igniting the fire within

Days 17-18: Additional Yoga Instructor Training

Daily Schedule

Morning Yoga Practice 

B4C’s Transformational Workshop





Asana (w/ practice teaching)

Social Emotional Learning (Strategies)

Mentorship Groups

Community Closing

Certification & Credits

Graduates of Breathe For Change’s 200-hour Wellness and Yoga Teacher Training for Educators may receive:

  • The B4C Wellness Champion Certification. This acclaimed certification empowers educators as experts in social-emotional learning, yoga, mindfulness, and community well-being. With this certification, teachers gain ongoing access to resources and development on our digital platform, plus eligibility to lead school-wide wellness programs as Community ChangeMakers.
  • The Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-200) Certification. This certification is an internationally-recognized standard for serving as a professional yoga instructor in studios and other settings. Graduates receive this certification and are eligible to register as Yoga Alliance RYT-200 Registered Yoga Teachers.

Graduate School and Continuing Education Credits

  • 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to be utilized toward professional development.
  • Up to 3 Graduate Degree Credits to be utilized toward a graduate degree.


200-Hour Breathe For Change Training Tuition - $2,995 (discounted from $3,650)

Need-Based Scholarships Available! 

Breathe For Change strives to make our trainings accessible and affordable to educators.

Many Yoga Teacher Trainings cost $4,000 or more, and we offer our trainings at $2,995. We also provide need-based partial scholarship and offer flexible payment plans that have allowed more than 2,500 educators to make this incredible investment in their well-being and career growth.

Trainees can also opt to earn continuing education units (CEUs) and graduate school credits that may lead to salary increases (depending on your district’s policies). Last but not least, many of our grads go on to earn additional income with their new certifications and skills. 

We encourage you to apply and let our team know your funding needs... we are here to support you!

Funding & Support

Even with scholarship, we know that our training requires a significant investment. Thousands of our educators have received other forms of financial support for training tuition, including:

  • School or district administrations committed to supporting teacher well-being and student social-emotional learning
  • Other grant-making organizations focused on education, wellness, and/or social-emotional learning
  • Crowdfunding efforts via sites such as Donors Choose and GoFundMe
  • Family members and loved ones who understand the tremendous benefits of reduced stress and enhanced well-being for educators

Once you apply, our ambassador team will work with you to explore the best option for you to make this life-changing training possible!

Post Graduation

Beyond The Training: Support for Graduates

Our Theory of Change is to empower educators as champions of well-being in their classrooms and school communities - and Breathe For Change is committed to providing continued support for our graduates post-training. All of our graduates receive:

  • Ongoing access to resources for yourself and your classroom on our digital platform
  • Continued access to our Facebook groups
  • Periodic updates with resources and opportunities for further engagement

I Breathe For Change because I believe everyone should have access to yoga. Yoga is a practice that encourages breath, healing, and presence and all people; young and old need to cultivate self-love and care. Yoga is often not accessible to low-income or communities of color in East Oakland. I am joining Breathe for Change in changing that reality. Yoga is for every body!

Jamilah, Teacher, Bay Area, CA

If you could do one thing that will help you not only be a better teacher, but also a better parent, sibling, son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, a better human, wouldn’t you do it? Breathe for Change is that thing—I promise you it is. Take some time for yourself to learn, to grow, to be inspired, to inspire. Breathe for Change is a movement you definitely want to be a part of—better education begins with better teachers... and the best teachers aren’t jaded, burnt out, exhausted. The best teachers are passionate, exhilarated, and joyful—and Breathe for Change will help you get in touch with the amazing teacher in you.

Serena, Assistant Principal, New York, NY

In my professional career I have reviewed hundreds of training manuals and materials, from technical mechanics, management, and policies to safety guidelines. Some have been very well constructed. Some have been very well backed-up with research. Most, however, are not worth the paper they are printed on. They are essentially shelf fillers. This is not the case for the B4C materials. Without a doubt these are the finest training materials I have seen. This is the type of information presentation that Fortune 500 companies pay hundreds of thousands for ... and still don't come close. The B4C materials are beyond professionally done; they are inspiring. The level of detail shows a genuine love and appreciation for the material. I already know that I will not be able to leave this on the shelf but will most likely wear it out and need a replacement. To put it succinctly, the materials, presentation and training are not just a class or program, they are a work of art.

Joe, Community Educator, Los Angeles, CA

I am so grateful for this most incredible and enriching professional development experience. In over 20 years in the field of education across various roles, in the U.S. and around the world, I have never found as rich and worthwhile experience as I have found in the yoga training with B4C.

Keli, Teacher, Bay Area, CA

Breathe For Change is truly the most transformational experience you will ever have! It is the only professional development you don’t want to end—and it will heal your mind, body and spirit so that you can be the educator and human you always were meant to be.

Prudence, Teacher, Madison, WI


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