Our Mission

Breathe For Change is on a mission to Change the World, one Breath at a Time.

Our Vision

Breathe For Change envisions all people inspired, educated, and supported to be their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships, and communities. We unite, train, and support educators in manifesting individual and collective well-being as a vehicle for social change. We are a movement of passionate leaders transforming ourselves to Change the World, One Teacher at a Time.

Our Values

The Breathe For Change values give educators and change agents a framework to lead with love in their lives, relationships and communities. By living, breathing, and embodying the values behind our 12 themes, we become leaders of the Breathe For Change movement.

Lead with Love - Our values drive our decisions and actions, and are founded upon our understanding that love is what matters most.

Beginnings - We embrace each moment with a beginner’s mind, and manifest our intentions through unstoppable action.

Creativity -  We overcome challenges by empowering every person in our community to fully express our strengths, talents, and ideas.

Gratitude - We give and receive acknowledgement, and actively show our appreciation for the incredible gift of being alive.

Presence - We become our best selves by being present and aware, one breath at a time.

Compassion - We live with an open heart and practice unconditional love.

Communication - We find strength in vulnerability, and trust that being authentic always leads to the best results.

Inclusion - We value and celebrate the uniqueness of all human beings, and recognize that each diverse perspective makes our community grow stronger.

Collaboration - We bring diverse, passionate, and conscious people together to live and work for a cause far greater than ourselves.

Social Justice - We embody our vision for the world by transforming ourselves, our relationships, and our communities.

Harmony - We experience the beauty, joy, and synchronicity of elevating individual and collective consciousness.

Playfulness - We live playfully and approach life with curiosity, laughter, and lightness.

Inspiration - We tap into our endless source of passion, purpose, and power to light the fire within us.