Breathe For Change and mindful hip-hop artist JusTme collaborate to offer inspiring and culturally relevant wellness workshops for schools. We release new mindful hip-hop songs every month aligned with the B4C transformational themes, and offer school visits and performances that bring school communities together.

Program Details:

Bringing B4C and JusTme to your school is like nothing else out there. This is an opportunity to make mindfulness practices both culturally relevant and engaging for all members of your diverse school community.

School-Wide Assembly: JusTme and B4C’s one-of-a-kind assemblies inspire and unite all members of a school community, providing valuable self-care and social-emotional learning strategies to students, teachers, and families.

Classroom Visit: JusTme’s classroom visits engage diverse classroom communities, integrating culturally relevant mindfulness and wellness practices into instruction.

May 2017 - Breathe For Social Justice


JusTme on why he loves working with kids:

"This work is so important because I feel each generation sets the tone and climate for the next generation and helps shape what kind of place the world will be. To have a part in creating a more mindfully aware, loving and compassionate world for the youngins up next, is an honor, a privilege, and something I personally can't take lightly. I absolutely love doing what I’m doing because it's so fun!

Growing, while watching others grow - and just from being given a few wellness techniques - is AMAZING to witness. Seeing the youngins enjoying themselves, enjoying each other, enjoying life, is absolutely beautiful; there's nothing else like it!"

Principal Testimonials 


Tammy Thompson Kapp, Principal - Lapham Elementary

"JusTme has established himself as a role model for our students, who they respect and admire. He engages them in mindfulness strategies through his music, actions and affirmations.  His genuineness and ability to connect with all students is unlike anything I have ever experienced in 26 years as an educator.  He has helped us strengthen our school community and made Breathe for Change a part of every school day across all learning environments. When JusTme has attended our family nights we have seen a much more diverse representation of families than we have typically seen in the past and engagement at much higher levels as well!"