Michael Fenchel

king of collaboration | president & CoO, Trainer


I Breathe For Change so we can understand our individual and collective power to shape the world.

My favorite meditation practice is Daily Kundalini Meditation.


In 2012, Michael devoted himself to practicing "mindful entrepreneurship:" the art of conducting work based on deep truth and co-creation rather than profit or competition. Since then, life has been a beautiful, wild, and fulfilling adventure - which has included co-founding Wisconsin’s largest entrepreneurial incubator, 100state, and the music tech startup Solstice Live in Austin, before diving in wholeheartedly at Breathe For Change.

Michael is is a devoted practitioner of meditation and an avid student of the mind and the human experience. As a healer, he is particularly drawn to native practices and working in harmony with nature and universal creation. He loves to learn, explore, connect with people, write, channel inspiration, and watch the sunset over the ocean or the mountains.

Michael feels deeply grateful to be able to contribute his life’s work to Changing the World, One Breath at a Time.