Our Teachers Have Spoken

Educators around the world have requested the B4C magic at their fingertips... and we have listened. Launching in September, B4C Community Membership will provide interactive wellness and PD classes, social-emotional learning resources, and community-wide support. Enroll today to receive a free basic membership or a discount on premium memberships!


Receive powerful mind-body wellness and social-emotional learning resources

Enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Reduce stress and burnout, and show up to teach with calm and presence


Embody, model, and facilitate social and emotional learning

Learn to lead powerful, culturally relevant strategies

Enhance classroom learning environments and academic performance


Connect and collaborate with the global B4C community

Lead wellness classes and PD for colleagues and staff

Be a champion of well-being for your school and community


Breathe For Change partners with forward-thinking administrations interested in weaving wellness and social-emotional learning into their schools and districts. 

Our B4C App reduces stress, enhances well-being, and builds capacity of teachers and staff to enhance social-emotional learning for students and community members. 

Click "Learn More" above to sign up for opportunities to partner with us. Or, you can always reach out to partnerships@breatheforchange.com.

Our Partnership with Filament Games

We have partnered with the inspiring team at Filament Games to create a playful digital learning environment to make our B4C curriculum accessible to communities around the world! 

Teachers will have access to digital resources, live wellness classes and PD sessions, and collaborative impact projects with other passionate B4C educators.

Sign up today to be part of our first wave of B4C Members leveraging technology to Change the World, One Teacher at a Time.