Marci Speich

Chancellor of champions | director of schools, trainer


I Breathe For Change to radiate peace and kindness as I lift myself and others to a place of self-love and acceptance.

My favorite yoga pose is triangle; I love the way it opens my heart and grounds me into the present moment.


Marcella Speich began exploring the practice of yoga in 1997. Her journey began in search of calm to ease chronic neck and back pain. Yoga erased her pain and ignited a passion for Hatha yoga. Yoga became the perfect way to maintain calm and balance while teaching in the public schools and becoming a parent. She deepened her yoga practice in 2004 with a NESTA Sport Yoga certification and began teaching yoga classes as well as incorporating yoga in her elementary classroom. In 2007, she started an on-site yoga business, Backyard Yoga. She aims to relax and energize her students by encouraging them to be mindful in our ever-moving world. In the summer of 2015, Marcella was thrilled to participate in the Breathe for Change 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification for K-12 educators. The B4C mission inspired her to take a full time position with B4C as the Director of Schools in summer, 2016. She loves supporting local schools by leading professional development workshops and mentoring Breathe for Change graduates as they infuse wellness into their communities. She is amazed by the energy and creativity the B4C graduates have shown as they take what they have learned and make it their own. “The B4C graduates inspire me every day. I see change occurring from within the school. Teachers are taking more time for their own wellness and getting excited about ways they can support one another! I feel a shift and Breathe for Change is the momentum in this movement!”