Manisha Bhargava

whisperer of wisdom | philosophy & anatomy trainer


I Breathe For Change because I believe in supporting each other to live more happy and fulfilling lives.

My favorite mindfulness practice is Svadhyaya.


Born and raised in India, Manisha has been exposed to yoga as a path, a lifestyle choice. Modern day yoga is becoming more of an exercise choice. The contemporary definition of yoga that resonates with her offers yoga as a technology for well-being.

Well-being is multidimensional, much more than just physical exercise. The physical practice of yoga is already attracting many people today, this is a great time to explore its subtler and deeper aspects.  

Manisha completed her yoga training in India and US (E-RYT 500). Practicing and teaching Hatha yoga over the years has taught her that the physical asana practice is just the beginning of this holistic path.

Her current yoga practice is focused on exploring how this age old path can be applied as a technology for well-being, and to make it accessible and relevant to our lives today!

Manisha is aligned with Breathe For Change’s integrated approach to well-being, that offers wellness practices as powerful tools of self-transformation with a broader vision of collective-transformation! She feels very excited and grateful to be part of this community.