Breathe For Change is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of entire school communities.

Through collaboration with hundreds of graduates and dozens of schools, we've designed an exciting new program to empower teachers as ChangeMakers and leaders of well-being. We will be launching this new program for our graduates and their schools, and for educators everywhere, starting in September, 2017.

Interested in bringing B4C to your school but not able to make it to our trainings just yet?

Contact Jessie at for more information and to get on our ChangeMaker list!

Principal Testimonials

Sarah Galanter-Guiseskwicz.jpg

Sarah Galanter-Guziewski - Principal, Stephens Elementary

"I Breathe For Change because our young children need teachers and educators who model self-care and support each other." 


Tammy Thompson Kapp - Principal, Lapham Elementary

"I Breathe for Change because too often we don't take time for ourselves and need to!  What better message can you send your staff than I care about YOU and YOUR well being?  It's a meaningful and powerful way to support your teachers."