Breathe For Change offers a 30-hour kids yoga teacher training for early childhood, elementary and middle school educators. 

Training Details

Our comprehensive kids yoga teacher training was developed by early childhood, elementary and middle school teachers with over 50 years of combined experience teaching yoga in schools. During the training, educators learn yoga poses and activities, social emotional learning strategies, and community-building techniques that can be integrated into instruction with their students. 

Our upcoming training course will take place on Wednesday evenings for 10 consecutive weeks, (January 4 - March 8, 2017).  

Please note: You do not need any previous yoga experience to participate! This training can be applied towards a registered 95-hour children's yoga certification through Yoga Alliance (RCYT).

Breathe For Change Testimonials

Erin, NY - Elementary Educator

"The social emotional part has been wonderful and great for sharing ideas and tips that can be carried into my own life and my professional life. It is so amazing to work with a group of people who are so focused on making positive changes."

Maggie, Bay Area - Special Education Educator

"I think that B4C will impact my school community in the following ways: - I will implement self-care strategies to be a more energized and positive member of my classroom and school community. At my school, I will use the principles of non-violent communication to be more authentic with my coworkers to effect more positive change.  I will also bring mindfulness practices to my classroom, and hopefully a broader school community, and creating change through gentle advocacy."

Apply for Training in Your City



Early childhood, elementary, and middle school educators of all types - not just classroom teachers but also counselors, social workers, administrators, support staff, and others who work with children in any setting - are encouraged to apply.

when should i apply?

Breathe For Change offers two trainings in New York City, and Madison, WI. Both trainings will be on Wednesday evenings, and run for 10 consecutive weeks, (January 4 - March 8, 2017). 

what will i receive as part of the training?

All participants receive our official Breathe For Change Teacher Training Manual, which includes kid friendly yoga postures for the classroom, breathing, and community-building games and exercises, as well as lesson plans that align with the Breathe For Change themes and can be integrated into instruction!

Participants will also receive our nationally recognized Breathe For Change certificate of diploma when they successfully complete our training.  Our 30-hour preK-3rd grade training is part of a series of three training courses that culminates in a registered 95-hour children's yoga certification through Yoga Alliance (RCYT). 

who are the trainers?

Breathe For Change's trainer team is comprised of teachers, education leaders, and yoga and wellness experts from across the country and world. For more on our team, please click here.

Can I apply these training hours to my official Yoga Alliance 95-hour Children's Yoga Certification?

Yes! Breathe For Change is a Registered Yoga School for Children with the Yoga Alliance. Additionally, if you are a 200-hour certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance, this 30-hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training consists of 30 contact hours that can be contributed to your Yoga Continuing Education Requirements!

B4C Testimonials

Roya, Bay Area - Elementary School Educator

After my B4C training, wellness will be a way bigger focus in my classroom, and I hope to inspire other teachers at my school to make it a bigger focus as well. I also hope to continue meditating daily to cultivate compassion so that I can show more love and patience to members of the communities I'm part of, including my students, my coworkers, my friends, and my family.

Karen, New York - Early Childhood Educator

Often PDs and workshops lack in the application and practical department. Our mentor groups not only build community, but also help reflect about our own social and emotional being as well as providing tools and techniques that can be applied in the classrooms with our students!

Laura, Wisconsin - Elementary School Educator

The B4C team and trainees became an instant community for me, who I know will be there during the school year to support and cheer me on as I teach Darth Vader breathing to my 1st graders. The B4C team offered varied ways to teach and guide students, as a learner I loved this - as an educator I will do the same for my students.

30 Hour Syllabus Overview

Breathe For Change structures each day of the training around a classroom theme. We include yoga poses and games, social emotional learning strategies, and community-building exercises that are directly related to the theme and provide additional related content to our graduates during the school year.


Day 1: Breathe For Beginnings – building the foundation for wholeness

Day 2: Breathe For Creativity – living your fully expressed self

Day 3: Breathe For Gratitude – appreciating the gift of teaching and learning

Day 4: Breathe For Presence – the best gift of all

Day 5: Breathe For Compassion – opening your heart to others

Day 6: Breathe For Communication – fostering deeper relationships

Day 7: Breathe For Inclusion – making wellness accessible and meaningful for all

Day 8: Breathe For Collaboration – working together for greater impact

Day 9: Breathe For Social Justice – using this work as a vehicle for social change

Day 10: Breathe For Inspiration - graduation ceremony and course completion!

Key Areas of Study

The Breathe For Change curriculum includes the following targeted areas of study.  


Yoga Poses and Activities

  • Hundreds of yoga poses and modifications for students

  • Community yoga exercises and games for your classroom

  • Seamless transition activities involving yoga and movement


Social Emotional Learning Strategies

  • Breathing and meditation exercises differentiated for students

  • Practices for enhancing focus and presence

  • Guided visualizations and other relaxation techniques

  • Strategies for cultivating inner strength and awareness


Literacy Techniques

  • Curated set of yoga books and supplementary readings for the classroom

  • Story-telling and vocabulary activities aligned to the ELA Common Core State Standards

  • Mind-body techniques to create associations between words and movement


Community-Building Exercises

  • Non-violent communication framework for students

  • Strategies for integrating restorative justice practices into your classroom

  • Behavior management techniques that encourage respect for self and others



  • Understanding the physical body

  • Tension and compression

  • Modifications for all body types

  • Accommodations for injury and special needs


Cultivating a holistic wellness and yoga practice in your classroom

  • Intention and Reflection - personal and collective growth

  • Nutrition - healthy eating

  • Exercise - movement, flexibility, and strength building

  • Music - integrating sound meditation and kid-friendly chants