Catalyst of creativity | mindful hip-hop artist, creative content lead


I Breathe For Change for cultural relevance.

My favorite yoga pose is crane.


JusTme (Timothy Scott Jr.) is a mindful hip-hop artist and mindfulness instructor from California's Bay Area. Since 2012, he has been spreading self-care and love in the field of mindfulness and well being. Bringing students and their families positivity, mindfulness practices, and well-being through his coined term, "Mindful Hip-Hop." JusTme started in the mindful arena working with K-12 students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District of Richmond, CA. In 2015, JusTme and Breathe For Change joined forces, where he now continues to bring mindfulness to the world in a culturally relevant and accessible way through his mindful hip-hop song lyrics and practices on a much wider scale.