Production Assistant

Production Assistant

Position Summary

Production Assistants (PA) support the effective implementation of a Breathe For Change 200-hour training from start to finish - preparing the space, coordinating the team, and taking care of our trainees, while at the same time growing their own content knowledge and leadership experience. Becoming a Production Assistant is a personal and professional development opportunity designed to deepen an individual's involvement with the B4C community, provide exposure to life as a B4C trainer, and set one up for consideration for further leadership development opportunities and positions on future training teams.

Once a Production Assistant feels ready in their personal development, they are eligible to apply to become a B4C Production Lead; although this is not a requirement. Production Leads will be selected based on qualifications and demonstrated leadership and effectiveness; not all Production Assistants will become Production Leads and not all Production Leads will have been assistants.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Breathe For Change is a movement of educators inspired to teach and learn for peace, love, and social change. We envision all people educated and empowered to be their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships, and communities. We unite, train, and support educators in wellness and social-emotional learning practices to unleash the full potential of every student AND teacher.



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