Mental Health Consultant

Mental Health Consultant

Position Summary

The Mental Health Consultant (MHC) is a revolutionary role that aims to support the mental and emotional health of the entire Breathe For Change community during the 200-hour transformational training! At B4C, we acknowledge the depths to which much of this personal work can mentally and emotionally impact our trainers and trainees, and are committed to ensuring that all members of our community have access to qualified mental health support throughout the journey. The MHC’s role is to both prepare and support our B4C trainers with Mental Health coaching and resources so that they can better support trainees, and provide guidance for trainees who may need extra support outside of their mentorship group. MHC's also serve as Support Trainers and mentors.

This is an amazing opportunity to innovate within the world of mental health, grow your personal leadership capacity, and offer incomparable support to educators.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Breathe For Change is a movement of educators inspired to teach and learn for peace, love, and social change. We envision all people educated and empowered to be their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships, and communities. We unite, train, and support educators in wellness and social-emotional learning practices to unleash the full potential of every student AND teacher.



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