Content Trainer

Content Trainer

Position Summary

Content Trainers make the B4C curriculum come alive and guide trainees through a deep, enriching, and inspiring training experience. Content Trainers are responsible for the effective coordination and teaching of their content area as a part of the larger Breathe For Change 200-hour curriculum. This includes learning the content-specific B4C curriculum, incorporating their personal expertise into the lesson plans, collaborating with their content team, and purposefully planning a dynamic and integrated content experience. Each Content Trainer is responsible for teaching one content area, attending and participating in the B4C Workshops, leading or co-leading a mentorship group and fulfilling all mentor responsibilities during Asana, SEL*F and Mentorship Circles.

Content Trainers are also responsible for the onsite mentorship of their Content Apprentice(s). This mentorship relationship will uniquely depend on each Content Apprentice’s level of expertise and ability; generally, Content Trainers find ways to review and execute their content area lessons in a way that contributes to the growth of their apprentice, co-facilitate the lesson with Apprentice when appropriate, have pre-post planning and feedback session meetings, and cultivate a content-specific sense of partnership. To further their own development, each Content Trainer will also participate in an observation and feedback cycle with their regional Lead Trainers on-site.

Serving as a Content Trainer is required for those interested in becoming B4C Lead Trainers.

Content Trainers will facilitate one of the following areas:

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Breathe For Change is a movement of educators inspired to teach and learn for peace, love, and social change. We envision all people educated and empowered to be their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships, and communities. We unite, train, and support educators in wellness and social-emotional learning practices to unleash the full potential of every student AND teacher.



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