Dear Educators: we are so excited to connect with you and share about our movement to transform education through wellness and social-emotional learning! Please register below - see you soon! <3

- Ilana, Michael, and the Breathe For Change Team!

Register for a free 30-minute webinar:

Monday August 20th, 7:30-8:00PM, Central Time (US)

Wednesday August 22nd, 7:30-8:00PM, Central Time (US)

Thursday August 23rd, 12:30-1:00PM, Central Time (US)

Friday August 24th, 12:30-1:00PM, Central Time (US)

Webinar Learning objectives:

These are live, interactive video and audio sessions via Zoom in which you will connect with our team and other passionate educators to:  

  • Create intentions for your own well-being 
  • Reignite your passion for teaching by connecting with community
  • Practice short and simple mindfulness exercises
  • Understand the Breathe For Change movement and how to get involved
  • Receive surprise gifts and offerings!

We are grateful for all our partners including