Teacher's Voices

Breathe For Change strives to bring teachers' voices to the forefront of the education system. We are so grateful for the incredibly inspiring educators that graduate from our trainings, share these wellness practices with their communities, and spread the word about our movement that is changing the world, one teacher at a time. Here's what our graduates are saying... 

“I Breathe For Change because I believe everyone should have access to Yoga. Yoga is a practice that encourages breath, healing and presence and all people, young and old need to cultivate self love and care. Yoga is often not accessible to low income or communities of color in East Oakland. I am joining Breathe for Change at changing that reality. Yoga is for Every-body!"”

Jamilah • Teacher, Jul 2016

Bay Area, CA

“Breathe For Change is a life-changing and transformative experience that focuses on the personal growth of each individual teacher. The training team creates an environment in which all bodies are welcome and encouraged throughout the whole process. The content is rich with research based practices and usable materials for immediate implementation in the classroom with students and staff. I am a complete believer in this amazing program and their approach to Changing the World One Teacher at a Time.”

Jeannine • Teacher, Jul 2017

Austin, TX

“I was moved to tears hearing so many white people admit aloud that they benefit from white privilege. It was astounding, in fact. I felt redeemed in a way because growing up I always felt that anyone with power (e.g. teachers, librarians, administrators, people at the welfare office, cops, etc..) were always white. It seemed that whenever we needed anything at all it was a white person we had to ask. I didn't have the words then to describe that their white privilege made them in my eyes, the keepers of my humanity and without their approval I wasn't a person. The discussion groups during this session were deeply insightful and everyone was so vulnerable and spiritually naked. There was mutual respect and acceptance expressed for everyone's truth. I am still processing it. But damn, it was a profound experience.”

Cristina • Teacher, Dec 2017

Los Angeles, CA

“In my professional career I have reviewed hundreds of training manuals and materials. From technical mechanics, management, policies, and safety guidelines. Some have been very well constructed. Some have been very well backed up with research. Most however are not worth the paper they are printed on. They are essentially shelf fillers. This is not the case for the B4C materials. Without a doubt this is the finest training materials I have seen. This is the type of information presentation that Fortune 500 companies pay hundreds of thousands for ... and still don't come close. The B4C materials are beyond professional done, they are inspiring. The level of detail shows a genuine love and appreciation for the material contained within. I already know that I will not be able to leave this on the shelf but will most likely wear it out and need a replacement. To put it succinctly, the materials, presentation and training is not just a class or program, it is a work of art.”

Joe • Community Educator, Sep 2017

Los Angeles, CA

“Breathe For Change is truly the most transformational experience you will ever have! It is the only professional development you don’t want to end - and it will heal your mind, body and spirit so that you can be the educator and human you always were meant to be.”

Prudence • Teacher, Jul 2017

Madison, WI

“If you could do one thing that will help you not only be a better teacher, but also a better parent, sibling, son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, a better human, wouldn’t you do it? Breathe for Change is that thing- I promise you it is. Take some time for yourself to learn, to grow, to be inspired, to inspire. Breathe for Change is a movement you definitely want to be a part of- better education begins with better teachers... and the best teachers aren’t jaded, burnt out, exhausted. The best teachers are passionate, exhilarated, and joyful-- and Breathe for Change will help you get in touch with the amazing teacher in you.”

Serena • Assistant Principal, Aug 2016

New York, NY

“I am so grateful for this most incredible and enriching professional development experience. In over 20 years in the field of education across various roles, in the US and around the world, I have never found as rich and worthwhile experience as I have found in the yoga training with B4C.”

Keli • Teacher, Jul 2017

Bay Area, CA

“I found the Social Justice workshop really moving. I wasn't drawn to B4C because of the social justice component and was surprised by how moved I was by it. Hearing everybody's story helped me feel more compassionate to strangers walking around on the street. I am not sure what action I will take in the future, but having those conversations in my mind will have an impact on how I move through life in the future.”

Lisa • Teacher, Aug 2017

New York, NY