Breathe For Change is on a mission to foster individual and collective well-being for all humankind.


Breathe For Change envisions all people inspired, educated, and empowered to be their whole and brilliant selves in their lives, relationships, and communities. We run mind-body and social-emotional wellness trainings that unite, train, and support educators in manifesting individual and collective well-being. We are a movement of passionate educators and leaders transforming ourselves to Change the World, One Teacher at a Time.

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Lead With Love


Our growing community is manifesting our vision by embodying the Breathe For Change values in all that we do.

Lead With Love

Our values drive our decisions and actions, and are founded upon our understanding that love is what matters most.

Breathe For Beginnings

We embrace each moment with a beginner’s mind and set our intentions with clarity and purpose.

Breathe For Creativity

We unleash our potential and manifest our brilliance through unstoppable action.

Breathe For Gratitude

We give and receive acknowledgement and actively show our appreciation for the incredible gift of being alive.

Breathe For Presence

We become our whole and brilliant selves by cultivating awareness, one breath at a time.

Breathe For Compassion

We live with an open heart and practice unconditional love.

Breathe For Communication

We find strength in vulnerability and trust that being authentic always leads to the best results.

Breathe For Inclusion

We value and celebrate the uniqueness of all human beings, and recognize that each diverse perspective makes our community grow stronger.

Breathe For Collaboration

We bring diverse, passionate, and conscious people together to live and work for a cause far greater than ourselves.

Breathe For Social Justice

We transform ourselves, our relationships, and our communities to embody the change we wish to see in the world.

Breathe For Harmony

We experience the beauty, joy, and synchronicity of elevating individual and collective consciousness.

Breathe For Playfulness

We live playfully and approach life with curiosity, laughter, and lightness.

Breathe For Inspiration

We tap into our endless source of passion, purpose, and power to stoke the fire within us.

Started by Teachers, for Teachers

Our Founder and CEO Dr. Ilana Nankin’s dissertation research revealed the critical connection between teacher well-being and student learning. Her research demonstrated the negative impact of educator stress on teaching and learning—and the positive impact that enhancing teacher well-being can have on student social-emotional and academic outcomes.

In January 2015, inspired by her research and teaching experiences, Ilana created Breathe For Change to empower teachers as champions of well-being in their lives, classrooms, and school communities. In June 2015, B4C brought 34 educators from around the world together for the first ever 200-hour wellness and yoga teacher training designed specifically for educators. The authentic, powerful, and transformational experiences these teachers shared galvanized our co-founder Michael Fenchel—an entrepreneur with a passion for community—to join Ilana in making B4C a worldwide movement. We haven't looked back since.

In 2016 we certified 185 teachers, in 2017 we certified 600 educators, and now, in 2019, we plan to certify over 2,000 educators across 11 U.S. cities. Our graduates are positively impacting hundreds of thousands of students' lives, and serving as Wellness Champions for teachers, staff, and entire school communities. We now also offer a beautiful app to all of our alumni to sustain the support and transformation. 

If you are interested in joining the movement, please apply for a training!

Our Organization

Breathe For Change is committed to being what we call an inspired business—a company that fully embodies our values and social mission while thriving economically. From day one, our growth has come from aligning our decisions, actions, and lives with a greater purpose. We are devoted to sustaining this alignment as we expand into a worldwide movement.

We provide need-based scholarships and aim to make our trainings and programs as accessible and inclusive as possible for diverse educators and communities. Our team strives to embody the practices we teach, and believes true success is only possible through enhancing well-being for ourselves, our customers, our communities, and our world.

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Breathe For Change's digital platform supports educators with powerful mind-body wellness and SEL*F resources. Join our community of inspired educators collaborating to transform education!

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