Self-Care and Social-Emotional Learning for Educators!

Breathe For Change’s 2-Day Wellness Trainings empower educators to enhance well-being in their lives, relationships, and communities. Together, participants will experience the Breathe For Change Transformational Progression, and be certified in B4C’s Social-Emotional Learning and Facilitation (SEL*F) Curriculum. Graduates will receive Breathe For Change’s 2-day Training Certification, and be equipped with tools and strategies to reduce stress and anxiety, build community, and enhance individual and collective well-being.


Upon completion, graduates will receive the Breathe For Change 2-day Wellness Training Certification.

"B4C helped me to let go of all the stress that comes with being a teacher and reconnect with why I chose to go into teaching in the first place." 

- Michele, Early Childhood Educator


Tuition of $345 includes weekend training, manual, certification, and access to B4C's digital platform upon graduation.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

  • Experience B4C’s transformational progression to enhance well-being in their lives, relationships, and communities.
  • Learn B4C’s Social-Emotional Learning and *Facilitation (SEL*F) curricular framework and receive SEL*F strategies to empower and support children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Set intentions for their physical, mental-emotional, and social well-being, and gain tools to recognize and overcome obstacles in their way.
  • Experience the power of giving and receiving gratitude and compassion, and learn to use appreciation and loving kindness to foster well-being.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation to teach and live with a deeper sense of presence.
  • Learn communication strategies to cultivate authentic, loving, and meaningful relationships.
  • Clarify your wellness mission and create a plan to translate this mission into action.
  • Join a network of like-minded educators and social leaders inspired to lead with love.

Curricular Overview

Day 1 - Morning

Transformation of Self: Enhancing Personal Well-being

  • Breathe For Beginnings: Setting Intentions for Well-being
  • Breathe For Creativity: Overcoming Obstacles in Our Way
  • Breathe For Gratitude: Appreciating Who and Where We Are

Day 1 - Afternoon

Transformation of Relationships: Enhancing Well-being In our Relationships

  • Breathe For Presence: Being Mindful through Each Interaction
  • Breathe For Compassion: Practicing Loving Kindness
  • Breathe For Communication: Connecting Authentically and Honestly

Day 2 - Morning

Transformation of Community: Enhancing Collective Well-being

  • Breathe For Inclusion: Creating Space for All Voices
  • Breathe For Collaborating: Working Together Under a Common Cause
  • Breathe For Social Justice: Using Wellness as a Vehicle for Social Change

Day 2 - Afternoon

Integration & Renewal: Stepping into Our Leadership

  • Breathe For Harmony: Aligning Our Inner and Outer Worlds
  • Breathe For Playfulness: Celebrating our Successes
  • Breathe For Inspiration: Fulfilling Our Mission


The 2-day experience was so magical and life changing that I am signing up for the 200 hr training session. I'm so inspired by my in-district and out-of-district colleagues who attended and how quickly we all came together as a community. I'm forever changed by the experience. I can't wait to take my experiences and share them with my students, peers, administration and community.

- David, High School Educator

When I signed up for this experience, I only had the intent that this would help my professional life....boy was I pleasantly surprised to see how it transformed my own life. This was the BEST spent 20 hours of my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about the weekend. I was like a kid in a candy store, sharing how beautiful these 2 days were. - Andrea, Elementary School Teacher

The 2-day wellness training really opened my eyes to the importance of self care and investing in myself which in turn will allow me to be a better educator. This program also allowed me to learn new communication and mindfulness skills to use not only in my classroom but in my life. The program left me very inspired to see so many educators ready for change! - John, Middle School Educator

There are so many transformative aspects of the 2-day experience. However, the most powerful for me was how in such a short time, I was moved in a very deep and life changing way. I felt the power of emotions from a community that wants healing for humanity. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions leaving me both energized and calm. Energized by the possibilities for myself on a personal level and as an educator to help my students feel valued and excited about their lives. I am calmer because of the tools that I am able to use- breathing 4 change!! It is truly breathing in renewed hope and positivity and exhaling doubt and negativity. - Kelsey, High School Educator

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