Hanna Hermanson

developer of dreams | logistics lead


I Breathe For Change because we are all worthy of living the life we are dreaming of.

My favorite mindfulness practice is a gratitude rampage.


Hanna is a graduate of the initial Breathe for Change cohort in 2015, and has been inspired to continue sharing the value of yoga and mindfulness. Hanna has a background in Psychology and post-secondary student services, and her own education took her to many countries where she engaged with a variety of people and encountered a medley of views of happiness.  In her travels and self exploration, she has come to better understand her own spirituality and dharma. Hanna is on a personal journey to allow others celebrate wellness and manifest their many dreams. She is overjoyed and humbled to now share her passions full time with Breathe for Change. The opportunity to teach yoga and work alongside such remarkable change agents on what really matters in the world is a dream come true. Hanna can frequently be found exclaiming “dream life is real life”, giggling on the beach, and snacking on wholesome foods.