Erica Martin

Empress of execution | education director, trainer


I Breathe For Change because the most important thing we can offer others is our own happiness and peace.

My favorite mindfulness practice is walking my dog! Watching him move so curiously through the world gives me a great sense of peace and keeps me rooted into the present moment.


The work we do at B4C is deeply personal to Erica. As a young elementary and middle school teacher, she often felt emotionally and physically overwhelmed and exhausted. Even though, she held multiple teaching credentials and attended robust educational programs, she had received no training in how to manage stress or cultivate her own peace and resilience. Through her yoga practice, Erica learned that her own social and emotional well-being mattered deeply - especially when it came to sustaining her work in the classroom. Erica's own well-being practice led her to co-pilot an SEL curricular adoption at her charter network, and eventually to complete her 200-hour yoga certification so that she could develop a school wide wellness program for a local middle school. Through her work at B4C, she has found a complete intersection of all that she is passionate about; developing social and emotional learning experiences for teachers, supporting our graduates as they put these practices to work in their school communities, and using yoga and mindfulness practices to change the world, one teacher at a time.