Last Call for 2018-2019 School Year Applications 

Deadline September 5, 2018


If you are a Breathe For Change Alumni, and feel called to step into your leadership at the highest level, apply for our transformational year-long ChangeAgent Coaching and Leadership Program. As a highly qualified B4C ChangeAgent, you will receive ongoing exclusive leadership development and intensive training to support you as a leader of the Breathe For Change movement, and enhance your capacity to use wellness and social-emotional learning as a vehicle for social change in your school communities.

This once in a lifetime train-the-trainer coaching program gives ChangeAgents the opportunity to receive elite professional development and coaching from world-class educators and wellness experts aimed to equip you with the tools to be leaders of wellness in your schools. Through this intensive ChangeAgent program, you will gain the skills necessary to transform your community from the inside out by providing profound wellness and social-emotional learning experiences for teachers, students, and families in your school. This exclusive program is offered only once a year.

*Upon acceptance to our B4C ChangeAgent Coaching and Leadership Program, your school will be eligible to apply to become an official Breathe For Change Partner School!

ChangeAgent Program - Year 1 - 2018-2019

As a Breathe For Change ChangeAgent you'll receive:

  • Two 2-hour ChangeAgent Induction Webinars to introduce the ChangeAgent pedagogical framework, create launch plan, and equip you with support and tools to step fully into your leadership.
  • Regular hour-long Professional Development Webinars facilitated by B4C’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Ilana Nankin, and Executive Director of Partnerships, Tui Roper to support your facilitation, leadership, and implementation skills as a ChangeAgent
  • B4C-Themed workshop lesson plans and tips and tricks videos to support you in facilitating wellness experiences for your school staff, families, and larger community
  • Train-the-trainer access to B4C PEDAGOGY Framework, used to develop our B4C 200-hour trainers.
  • B4C-themed Workshops differentiated for primary and secondary students to support you in infusing SEL*F into all aspects of your curriculum
  • B4C Newsletter Templates and introductory materials for schools and districts, educational stakeholders, and other networks
  • Private ChangeAgent Facebook group to exchange resources, share ideas, and build community

As a B4C ChangeAgent you will be prepared and qualified to:

  • Level 1 B4C ChangeAgent Coaching Certification
  • Eligible to apply for CEUs 
  • Facilitate an Introductory Breathe For Change Professional Development Workshop for staff, students, and families at your school
  • Lead a Breathe For Change Professional Learning Community to enhance well-being for teachers, students, and the entire school community
  • Facilitate monthly Transformational Breathe For Change Themed Workshops for your staff, families, and other community members
  • Teach monthly Transformational Breathe For Change Themed Workshops for your students in the classroom
  • Facilitate SEL*F Professional Development Trainings for your staff, families, and other community members
  • Design and implement SEL*F Programs in your classroom and entire school
  • Integrate mind-body wellness practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga throughout your curriculum and instruction
  • Lead inclusive Breathe For Change meditation and yoga classes for your staff, students, and families to enhance well-being
  • Implement your social justice action plan in collaboration with diverse members of your school community

Requirements to Apply for the B4C ChangeAgent Program

To apply for this exclusive leadership program, ChangeAgents must:

  • Have a B4C Wellness Champion certification
  • Be in an established position on your school’s leadership team, and/or be ready to initiate the process of designing a wellness or social-emotional learning position in collaboration with your administrator
  • Have administrative support, or be willing to pursue administrative support, for facilitating B4C workshops, wellness strategies and/or SEL*F practices during pre-service week, staff meetings, and/or Professional Development days
  • Actively participate in and complete B4C’s Train-the-Trainer Professional Development Induction Webinars (2 hours / 2 x)
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership, facilitation, speaking, and interpersonal communication skills, and maintain a growth mindset
  • Demonstrate motivation and persistence, and a deep commitment to social justice and equity
  • Understand and be able to clearly articulate the Breathe For Change transformational curricular progression and content
  • Lead with love, and embody the 12 Breathe For Change core values in your personal and professional lives.

The ChangeAgent Program is intended to be funded with School Professional Development Funds

  • $1400 for the year in full; or
  • $1500 in six $250 monthly installments

ChangeAgent Application

Apply Below by September 5th, 2018

Because we deeply value and are invested in developing our B4C ChangeAgents as leaders of the Breathe For Change movement, we have a thorough application process, which includes an initial screening application, as well as an interview with our Executive Director of Partnerships, Tui Roper. This is a competitive selection process, so please take quality time to thoroughly fill out all aspects of this application before submitting.

If you need additional information before applying, our Executive Director of Partnerships, Tui Roper, will open up space to address your questions at the end of each Ambassador Webinar. You can also email her at

Application Due Date: September 5th, 2018

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