Congratulations on being accepted to the Breathe For Change 2017 Yoga & Wellness Training, and on receiving our special 10% Holiday discount! Your total payment is now $1500 - $150 (10% discount) = $1350.

Rachel, Elementary School Educator

"Breathe For Change has been the most positive professional development experience in my 24 years of teaching. Breathe For Change recognizes that supporting the well-being of educators in turn supports the well-being, and ultimately, the achievement of our students."


You may pay in full now (and receive a discount of $50!), or you may opt-in to a payment plan of $337 / month for four months. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our educator movement :)

Pay in Full ($1,300):

Installment Plan ($337 for 4 months):

Pay by Check:

Attention: Michael Fenchel

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