Ashley Smith-Santos

lady of learning | social emotional learning & ASANA TRAINER


I Breathe For Change because I believe that everyone’s story deserves to be heard and nourished. When we care for one another, we can draw from our inner strength to live out the stories we wish to write, breath-by- breath, moment-by- moment.

My favorite mindfulness practice is a mindful morning. I love practicing a mindful morning. I take time brewing my favorite tea, sipping it, doing some reading or journaling, gentle stretching, breath work, and meditation. Each part of the morning makes me feel grounded and prepared for the day. I get up an extra hour early to give myself that gift!


Ashley is a native Californian (living in NYC) who loves to stretch in the sunshine! She is a teacher, a yogi, and a lover of children’s books. Ashley taught preK - 2nd grade for 8 years and understand the daily demands of teachers, who constantly nurture the ongoing stories of their students’ lives and education.

Her yoga story began in her own classroom when she introduced poses, games, breathwork, and mindfulness practices to her kindergarten students. The benefits of yoga unfolded before her: students were more focused, they practiced cooperation and compassion, became more confident, their spatial and body awareness developed, and they learned techniques to manage stressful situations. Not to mention, Ashley felt more relaxed as a teacher!

This work has taken priority in her life, as she continues to teach kids yoga classes and work with teachers. She completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training with YogaWorks and has multiple certifications in children’s yoga through Karma Kids, Every Kid’s Yoga, and Zenergy Yoga. What she loves about the Breathe for Change community is the emphasis on self-care. Ashley has become more mindful about her own self-care practice and knows from experience that when she cares for herself first, she is more open and available to those around her.