Angie Davis

sorceress of sunshine | community & design director, trainer


I Breathe For Change because it inspires wholehearted community - breathing intentionally together creates a compassionate space and empowers one another to shine their brightest for personal and collective well-being. 

My favorite yoga pose is Twisted Lizard Pose Variation (Parivrtta Utthan Pristhasana) in the sunshine - it allows me to tap into the moment, open my heart, and really feel something.


Angie strives to be a bright, curious, inclusive sunflower. She strongly believes in Brene Brown’s statement: “The absence of love, belonging and connection always leads to suffering.” Angie focuses on cultivating deep feelings of connection, which create communities where individuals feel empowered to shine as their brightest selves. This focus guides her work as a community director, marketing professional, designer, yoga instructor, trainer, and social media manager.

Angie graduated from the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison with a BBA in Marketing, International Business and Spanish. After graduation, she experienced the corporate workplace at Jockey International and Kohl’s Corporate. One of Angie’s best decisions was to pursue her 200-hour RYT. After graduation, she taught many class in local studios and met individuals on their path to wellness. Nothing brings her more joy than sharing the practice of yoga, which is much more than the physical practice. Angie’s passions and experiences intertwine in a special way in this work. 

In Angie’s free time, you can find her practicing on her mat, wandering in the woods, strolling the Farmer’s Market, snuggling up with a book, or exploring vegan restaurants.

Angie feels empowered and inspired to share space with SO many beautiful educators that seek wellness for themselves to enhance their communities.