Graduate Support

We are thrilled to offer new world-class support and development programs to empower our alumni as Wellness Champions in their lives, classrooms and communities.

The B4C App for Alumni

Our new app is available for FREE to alumni until November! From interactive PD webinars to live yoga and meditation sessions to SEL*F and classroom resources, you now have the B4C magic at your fingertips. Alumni: check your email for your access code - or, if you're ready, take the leap and become a founding member to get full access to our Transformational App for LIFE!

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B4C ChangeAgent Program

Qualified alumni receive 12 months of elite coaching and professional development from top educators and wellness experts. This program positions you as a wellness leader in your school.

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Partner Schools

We are partnering with a small number of our alumni's schools to deeply integrate wellness and social-emotional learning school-wide. Please read more via the button below, and apply if your school leadership is interested.

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Alumni Registry

As of August 2018, our community of 1,800+ alumni is creating positive impact across the US and the world. We are currently building an Alumni Registry that we hope to roll out early this fall so that parents and people everywhere can find Breathe for Change Alumni in their schools.

We are grateful for all our partners including