Theory of Change

Educational transformation must come from within school communities. That's why we’ve structured our entire movement around empowering teachers. We create systemic change by training and supporting educators as champions of well-being in their lives, classrooms, and school communities.

Curriculum Overview

Breathe For Change's curriculum integrates social-emotional learning, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, asana (physical yoga), and community building into accessible themes designed for use in education. These themes follow a transformational progression: Transformation of Self, Transformation of Relationships, Transformation of Community, and Integration & Renewal. 

Transformation of Self

In order to transform our communities we must first transform ourselves. Our curriculum always begins and ends with a focus on educators' own well-being.

Breathe For Beginnings: We embrace each moment with a beginner’s mind and set our intentions with clarity and purpose.

Breathe For Creativity: We unleash our potential and manifest our brilliance through unstoppable action.

Breathe For Gratitude: We give and receive acknowledgement and actively show our appreciation for the incredible gift of being alive.

Transformation of Relationships

From the foundation of inner strength, our curriculum cultivates well-being within personal and professional relationships.

Breathe For Presence: We become our whole and brilliant selves by cultivating awareness, one breath at a time.

Breathe For Compassion: We live with an open heart and practice unconditional love.

Breathe For Communication: We find strength in vulnerability and trust that being authentic always leads to the best results.

Transformation of Community

Our curriculum empowers educators to step into their leadership as champions of well-being and social justice for entire communities.

Breathe For Inclusion: We value and celebrate the uniqueness of all human beings, and recognize that each diverse perspective makes our community grow stronger.

Breathe For Collaboration: We bring diverse, passionate, and conscious people together to live and work for a cause far greater than ourselves.

Breathe For Social Justice: We transform ourselves, our relationships, and our communities to embody the change we wish to see in the world.

Integration and Renewal

To complete the cycle of transformation, our curriculum supports educators in relaxing and rejuvenating to prepare for new beginnings.

Breathe For Harmony: We experience the beauty, joy, and synchronicity of elevating individual and collective consciousness.

Breathe For Playfulness: We live playfully and approach life with curiosity, laughter, and lightness.

Breathe For Inspiration: We tap into our endless source of passion, purpose, and power to stoke the fire within us.


Educators unleash their full brilliance using our neuroscience-backed approach.


Educators bring powerful yogic principles to life for themselves and their students.


Educators connect more deeply with their bodies and gain tools for physical health.


Educators deepen their personal practice and learn to teach yoga to all ages.


Educators become champions of social-emotional learning for students AND teachers.

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Our Research

Breathe For Change was inspired by the dissertation findings of our Founder and CEO, Dr. Ilana Nankin. We've worked with world-class advisors to continue to build upon our research base and bring the critical issue of teacher well-being to the forefront of education.

B4C Research

Our Trainings

The most meaningful way to join the B4C movement and experience our curriculum in action is to sign up for one of our life-changing 200-hour trainings. We host trainings in 10 U.S. cities and counting... and we are so inspired by the incredible educators joining our community every day.

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