Breathe For Change empowers educators to enhance well-being in their lives, classrooms, and school communities.



The world’s only RYT-200 wellness and yoga teacher training designed for educators

Los Angeles Summer 2018

Starts Jun 14, 2018

Madison Summer 2018

Starts Jun 14, 2018

Tampa Summer 2018

Starts Jun 14, 2018

Chicago Summer 2018

Starts Jul 6, 2018

Denver Summer 2018

Starts Jul 6, 2018

Washington D.C. Summer 2018

Starts Jul 6, 2018

Boston Summer 2018

Starts Jul 29, 2018

NYC Summer 2018

Starts Jul 29, 2018

Seattle Summer 2018

Starts Jul 29, 2018

Austin Fall 2018

Starts Sep 22, 2018

Bay Area Fall 2018

Starts Sep 22, 2018

NYC Fall 2018

Starts Sep 22, 2018

Breathe For Change is a life-changing and transformative experience that focuses on the personal growth of each individual teacher. The training team creates an environment in which all bodies are welcome and encouraged throughout the whole process. The content is rich with research based practices and usable materials for immediate implementation in the classroom with students and staff. I am a complete believer in this amazing program and their approach to Changing the World One Teacher at a Time.

Jeannine, Teacher, Austin, TX

I Breathe For Change because I believe everyone should have access to Yoga. Yoga is a practice that encourages breath, healing and presence and all people, young and old need to cultivate self love and care. Yoga is often not accessible to low income or communities of color in East Oakland. I am joining Breathe for Change at changing that reality. Yoga is for Every-body!"

Jamilah, Teacher, Bay Area, CA

I found the Social Justice workshop really moving. I wasn't drawn to B4C because of the social justice component and was surprised by how moved I was by it. Hearing everybody's story helped me feel more compassionate to strangers walking around on the street. I am not sure what action I will take in the future, but having those conversations in my mind will have an impact on how I move through life in the future.

Lisa, Teacher, New York, NY

Join Our Movement

Imagine an education system in which every teacher embodies their whole and brilliant self—and every student unleashes the potential of their mind and body to create the life they want to live. Breathe For Change envisions all teachers and students inspired, educated, and supported to transform their lives, relationships, and communities. Learn more about our movement!

Social Emotional Learning and *Facilitation*

Breathe For Change has created a one-of-a-kind social-emotional learning curriculum that honors the value of the teacher's own self. This curriculum enhances educator well-being while providing powerful mind-body wellness and SEL strategies for use with students in the classroom.


what change can look like

When we are empowered to be our best selves, we transform the well-being of our communities. Breathe For Change provides digital resources, leadership development, and a community of support to empower educators to create positive change in their lives, classrooms and schools.